Preschool Room A (sample schedule)

6:00—9:00            Arrival, free play, children off to school
9:00—9:30            Circle, washroom & hand-washing
9:30—9:45            Snack
9:45—10:15          Free-play, creative, sand, water play etc
10:15—10:30        Washroom, cloakroom
10:30—11:30        Outside Play
11:30—12:00        Washroom routine, wash hands
12:00—12:45        Lunch
12:45—1:00          Washroom routine
1:00—2:30            Rest time, quiet time
2:30—2:45            Washroom Routine
2:45—3:00            Free-play, tidy up, hand-washing
3:00—3:30            Snack
3:30—3:45            Circle
3:45—4:00            Cloakroom, washroom check
4:00—5:00            Outside play
5:00—5:15            Washroom check
5:15—6:30            Free-play

This schedule will be modified due to children’s needs and interests.
Outdoor play will depend on weather.

Sunshine Heights Day Care, Port Hope, Cobourg