Sunshine Height Day Care, Port Hope, Cobourg

Board of Directors, Voting Members and Committee Volunteers

Who we are and what we do:

In 1973, a group of mothers joined together to start a co-operative nursery school for their community. They had an initial enrolment of just 20 children.  Since then Sunshine Heights has evolved into a full-time day Care centre which continues to offer full-time and part-time care to accommodate the needs of our community.  At present, we are licensed to provide these quality services to 73 children between the ages of 4 months to 6 years.

While there have been many changes through the years, one thing remains the same – we are still a non-profit co-operative day Care centre.  This means that we require the active participation of parents to set the long-range and day-to-day mandates of the educational process within the day Care. You have a say in your child’s academic, social and emotional development. A parent participating co-operative day care is also one in which parents reduce the operating cost of the day Care by administering its business aspects.  Since we are a non-profit organization, the savings are passed along to the parents by way of reduced fees. You have a say in the cost of day care.

The day care is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of an Executive Director, President/Chairperson, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to six other Directors. Voting members are made up of parents and guardians of children that attend the day care. These members can help to identify and bring issues and improvements to the board and vote on actionable items. You decide what you’d like changed and help to implement that change by voting accordingly.  Sustaining members are made up of anyone in the community interested in supporting and participating in the activities of the Day Care.  Sustaining members have the right to vote at general meetings and the right to hold office.


The Board of Directors meets once a month to discuss current issues and new business.  All Staff and Voting Members are welcome to attend. At least one general meeting will be held per year. At all general meetings, opportunity will be provided for any member to raise any business concerning the day Care. (Some executive roles require a few extra hours per month for preparation time and special projects.)

Monthly board meetings are held in the evening at the centre.

Skills or Requirements:

None needed. Along with the commitment, you only need a healthy interest in your child’s care and success. Of course, if you do have any special talents or skills that you think may benefit the day care and you are willing to share, please let us know. We are always looking for Committee Members that can head up initiatives like Fundraising, Parade etc.

The Sunshine Heights Co-Operative Day Care Board of Directors, Voting Members and Committee Volunteers are made up of Parents just like you.  

Without you there can be no day Care.

This booklet has been reviewed by the Parent Board of Directors.

Sunshine Heights Day Care, Port Hope, Cobourg