A nutritious hot mid-day meal and morning/afternoon snack will be provided.  Children’s special dietary needs and allergies will be posted in the cooking and serving areas.  A note must be given and put on file stating that your child has special dietary needs requiring this food.  Infants are required to provide their own food items.

Diet substitutions will be made for children with allergies, food restrictions, or special diets. All food substitutions (other than formula) will be done by the centre. We will not accept food substitutions from parents or caregivers due to allergies.

Children with allergies must have a completed allergy form. Children with medical requirements must have a completed medical needs form.

Anaphylactic Food Allergies:

There may at times be children at the Centre who have severe allergies which can cause an anaphylactic reaction.  An anaphylactic reaction is an allergic reaction so severe it can cause death.  Nuts and peanuts are a common trigger for anaphylaxis.  As a result, the Centre does not permit any outside food to be brought into the centre other than for the reasons above.

If your child is entering the centre after recently eating peanut butter or any such products, please ensure that hands are thoroughly washed, and teeth are brushed.  A peanut/nut allergy can be so severe that even touching or inhaling a trace amount can trigger a life-threatening reaction.

In implementing an allergy/anaphylaxis policy, our centre is not able to permit parents sending in food for snack or special occasions such as birthdays.  If parents wish to send non-food items to share with friends, we would be glad to accommodate this.  (items such as stickers, pencil, party items etc.)

All parents will need to confirm their understanding of this policy by signing their signature on our parental agreement form in the appropriate section.


Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Peaches with Apple oatmeal squares Apple wedges and cheese cubes Homemade muffins with butter and fruit slices Fruit slices and banana bread Veggie crackers and broccoli
AM Snack Bagels and cheese cubes English muffins with butter and pears Crumpets with WOW butter and fruit slices Toast with butter and bananas Fruit slices and medium cheddar cubes
AM Beverage Water Water Water Water Water
Meat Beef and lentil soup Pizza Slices Chicken stew Tuna cakes Homemade Mac & cheese
Bread Whole grain bread sticks Garlic Bread Whole wheat rice Mashed potato Whole wheat pasta
Vegetables Mixed vegetables in soup Cucumbers and carrots Brocolli Cooked Carrots Corn
Milk Milk Milk Milk Milk
Dessert or Fruit Honeydew Melon Fruit Cocktail Cantaloupe Pear slices Apple sauce
PM Snack Apple sauce and toast Whole wheat crackers and watermelon Bananas and graham crackers Yogurt and apple slices Veggies sticks with tortilla crisps
PM Beverage Water Water Water Water Water
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