Sunshine Heights Day Care, Port Hope, Cobourg

COVID-19 Policies

Please refer to our COVID-19 Policy, our Plan for Sick Children, Educators, or Parents with Possible COVID-19 or Exposure to COVID-19, and our Daily Educator Requirements.

Daily COVID-19 Screening must be completed using our Daily Screening Tool.

Waitlist policy

Sunshine Heights Co-op Daycare is committed to developing and maintaining a waitlist policy and practices that are transparent, fair, and consistent. It supports the availability of information about the waiting list for prospective parents in a way that maintains the privacy and confidentiality of children and families.

To gain access to the waitlist, families may contact the Program Director by phone or email. The Director will take minimal personal information such as, your name, phone number, age group your child will be in and expected start date. The program director will place this information in the waitlist registry binder.


The Director or Designate will receive parental requests to place children on a waiting list via telephone, email or in person.

The Director or designate will place a child on the waiting list in chronological order, based on the date and time that the request was received.

Once a child has been placed on the waiting list, the Director or designate will inform parents of their child’s position on the list. Parents are encouraged to contact the Director often to check where their child is currently standing on the wait list. When space becomes available in the program, priority will be given to children who are currently enrolled and need to move to the next age grouping, siblings of children currently enrolled, children of staff.

Parents of children on the waiting list will be notified via telephone or email that a space has become available in their requested program. Parents will be provided a timeframe of 2 business days in which a response is required before the next child on the waiting list will be offered the space. Where a parent has not responded within the given timeframe, the Director or designate will contact the parent of the next child on the waiting list to offer them the space.

Responding to Parents who inquire about their Child’s Placement on the Waiting List

  1. The Program Director will be the contact person for parents who wish to inquire about the status of their child’s place on the waiting list.

The Program Director will respond to parent inquiries and provide the child’s current position on the list and an estimated likelihood of the child being offered a space in the program.

Maintaining Privacy and Confidentiality

  1. The waiting list will be maintained in a manner that protects the privacy and confidentiality of the children and families on the list and therefore only the child’s position on the waiting list will be provided to parents.

Names of other children or families and/or their placement on the waiting list will not be shared with other individuals.

No fee is charged to have a child added to the waitlist.

Once the placement is accepted, a family will be charged the registration fee.

Sunshine Heights Day Care, Port Hope, Cobourg